Hugged to death

by Calvin Chong. 0 Comments

So apparently the newly launched CDMA iPhone 4 for Verizon suffers the same antenna attenuation issues that plagued the GSM version (and by plagued I mean they’re selling those things as fast as they can make them). Move over “Death Grip”, there’s a new Antennagate scandal in town.

The “Death Hug“.

But none of this is all that surprising when you think about it. This is a 7-month old phone that got lengthy reviews just for being on a different network, the preorders for which broke sales records and sold out in 2 hours between the ungodly hours of 3 to 5 am. So what are people doing as soon as they got them? Hug them tightly of course!

I guess this is the price Apple pays for having the most popular smartphone in the world—hugs.