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I’m typing this on my MacBook Pro, while my iPhone streams music (purchased from the iTunes Store) to the Airport Express. Later I might watch a show on the AppleTV, then do some end-of-day reading on my iPad.

So yes, I could thank Steve for all he has done for computing. Out of his vision and drive were borne these amazing products. And these products then went on to redefine entire categories—remember how computers/smartphones/tablets looked like before the Mac/iPhone/iPad?

But to me, it has always been about more than this. More than technology. It’s about us and how we can—in our own small ways—do our part to improve this messy world of ours. Have a talent for product design? Design a better milk carton. A carpenter? Build a better chair. Write software? Code the hell out of that function.

Be better in whatever you do.

Steve’s was a philosophy on life. On finding and pursuing your passion. Not settling. Going against the grain. Having the courage to stand up for what you believe in. For simplicity. And truth.

His passing reminds me—more than ever—that life is just too damn short. You spend so much of it on work, so why not do what you love? What excites and inspires you? What can you make to make the world better?

You’ve got to find what you love.

I’m glad Steve found his.

Heard it all before…

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…radically improved 3D graphics performance compared with Flash 10 – on the order of 1000 times improved, according to Nguyen. – The Loop

The next version of Flash will be good. Promise.

Windows 8 (Metro) Boot Time

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This new fast startup mode will yield benefits on almost all systems, whether they have a spinning HDD or a solid state drive (SSD), but for newer systems with fast SSDs it is downright amazing. – Building Windows 8

The Metro view boots at a decent speed. Now we just need to see it booting into the traditional Windows view. After all, we wouldn’t want any compromise.

Google buys patents (aka Motorola)

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This acquisition will not change our commitment to run Android as an open platform. Motorola will remain a licensee of Android and Android will remain open. We will run Motorola as a separate business. – Larry Page, Google CEO

Now Google can be “open” and “closed”.

Our acquisition of Motorola will increase competition by strengthening Google’s patent portfolio. – Larry Page, Google CEO

How exactly does one large company buying another large company for patents increase competition? Google now has more patents that it will use to block competitors. Oh, I mean, defend itself from all those evil companies that are out to get them.

Facebook Messenger ain’t no iMessage

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But the service that should be perhaps more worried about Messenger is the still-unlaunched iMessage.
MG Siegler



Siegler makes a bunch of true statements, but the biggest reason — the biggest advantage — that iMessage will have is that it is seamless.

Ben Brooks